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In my youth, I was passionate about cycling, but once I got my driver’s license I realized motorcycles were much faster! Fast forward a few decades. In observing a single specific photo of myself, I was struck with the stark realization I was no longer young or fit, and the rest is recent history. I entered back into cycling by riding a 13 mile loop around my house 3 times a week which required breaks every 3 miles or so. After a while, I started riding back and forth on the Platte Trail out by REI in Denver. By that point I thought I was pretty good and would sit on overpasses and wait for fast cyclists to go by so I could attempt to catch and pass them (yes, I’m one of those idiots:) I had the pleasure and great fortune of befriending many very skilled and accomplished riders, including 2 CatA guys from Team Boulder Orthopedics, who held my hand so to speak as I made my baby steps towards competition. 2014 marked my 1st year as a licensed competitor, and to this day I still clearly remember all the excitement that brought to my life – I even had my very own coach and was on a team!!! (FoxTrot) 2015 was the high-water mark for my racing and gave me my one and only USAC promoted race win – Lookout Mountain HillClimb! I still have a passion for competition and race RR, hillclimb and occasional crits, but now instead of winning I am best at making my competitors look good! 😀 I raced with Primal Audi this year and loved it, but will transition back to team OSI for 2019 which feels like going home (I raced with them 2016-2017)!  I am proud to say I’ve been involved with P2P for awhile now and I’ve loved every minute of it! I am looking forward to continuing the tradition, so while on these Strava League rides you notice a rider who stays constantly glued to your wheel but refuses to go around and do some of the work, wave and I’ll wave right back at you!   -Eric Welch


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