Welcome to our TWL STRAVA LEAGUE!

     This League will meet EVERY Sunday at 10am from Tom Watson Park.  We will roll out and break into Paceline groups exactly at 10am. Gonna be late? The chase is on! 😉

TWL from Tom Watson park:

63rd - Diagonal - Jay Road - Hwy 36 - Ute highway - 75th - Finish on Monarch

The segment starts at the crosswalk on 63rd and ends at the Lexmark Sign on Monarch

This is a great ride with rollers and nice stretches of flats. The route has wide shoulders and all right turns so we don't cross traffic. The route is 30 miles with 650 feet of elevation gain. This ride is also part of our 19 week, off-season, points based STRAVA League.  Join in anytime to challenge yourself on a given week or steal some points on an Arctic Sunday when no one else rides. This league will push riders in new ways, for sure...join us!  https://www.strava.com/segments/16562395 RSVP on MEET-UP
2018-11-10 10am
Rank Participant TimeResults Points
1Caleb Carl1:11:57125
2Heath Meyer1:13:39220
3Alex Schlosser1:13:40315
4Richard Bevan1:16:25410
5Joe Magro1:21:4659
6Dave Henderson1:26:4868
7Jennifer Cubillas1:28:4777
8Jennifer White1:28:4986
9Jeff Hillis1:34:3095
10Zachary Stigall1:37:26105