Generally the pace lines have been flowy and smooth which is perfect! But there have been times when they are not, so I thought I’d talk a little about that. So let’s say there is 10-12 people in a group, and only 3 people are taking pulls in the front…..well that’s not good. What disrupts the flow of a paceline is one, people full gas attacking, and two, if the person next in line to pull through doesn’t want to take their turn, then the person in the front is wondering what’s going on, and then gaps open up, and eventually somebody comes forth. But all that ambiguity and questioning and wondering, means there is NO flow, the paceline has totally been disrupted, gaps open up, and people have to work doubly hard to close those gaps. All of this is unnecessary energy being waisted. I get that maybe you can’t pull through, or don’t want to, or whatever your reason is, but either pull through and immediately pull over, that way you didn’t have to exert any more energy staying in the front AND the flow of the paceline has been kept smooth, or tell someone that you can’t, and hopefully the person behind you takes your pull, or you let them in front of you to take your pull. Obviously the first one is better, because it keeps the rotating flow totally smooth. The latter is if you are totally cross eyed and absolutely cannot, then communicate to people around you so they know, and they will take your pull……..keeping the rotating flow smooth. And if you are feeling super stellar and want to take lots of pulls in the front, then be the one who covers the people who can’t pull through.

Hope this makes sense?