Terrific group — quality cyclists out for fun rides.


 Recharge with P2P, an affable group of hedonistic cyclists, passionate about climbing staggeringly steep mountains, breezing down the valleys, and racing along the flats in efficient pelotons - all in Colorado's most sublime settings. Everyone's graciously welcomed and supported -first year riders, veterans, anyone looking to improve fitness and have fun. 


The group is diverse, talented, fun, and will push you hard. Parties, sponsors, friends abound. No shortage of rides or activities. Come out and join the fun!


The first ride I completed with them was one of the top three bike rides of my life. They choose some beautiful routes. Plus the lovely organizers, Jeff and Kim, gave me a chocolate milk at the end-- does it get any better than that? Super welcoming group of people -- I joined my first week in Colorado and it was like having insta-friends! Can't wait to ride with them again!


Awesome friends, great rides and miles of smiles!!


Jeff and Kim are outstanding organizers and leaders. A trip not to be forgotten.


Best cycling group in Colorado!